Ascendant Synastry Aspects

Ascendant Synastry Aspects

The ascendant is not a planet; it is the first degree of the first house. When one partner’s ascendant makes an aspect to a planet in the other partner’s chart, it does not generate the same energy or tension that a planet-to-planet aspect does. But it is always important. What is more, aspects to the ascendant cannot be separated from the house the aspecting planet is in. For example, a Partner A’s Uranus in a square to Partner B’s ascendant will have a different effect depending on whether it is from around the midheaven or medium coeli (tenth to ninth house) or the immum coeli (fourth house).

Ascendant-Ascendant. Similarity of personalities, vitality and approach to life. Peace and contentment, or strong attraction or rivalry.

Ascendant to Midheaven. Shared goals and career objectives. Rivals or teammates.

Ascendant to Sun. Intellectual and physical compatibility. The sun person energizes the ASC person. Hard aspects strengthen the sun person’s influence in key areas of the ASC person’s life.

Ascendant to Moon. Familiarity and a sense of security. Both partners feel comfortable in each other’s presence. If negative: emotional clashes.

Ascendant-Mercury. Excellent communication. Mercury opens the ASC person to change and new ideas.

Ascendant to Venus. Mutual attraction, love and friendliness. Comfort and luxury. Fond of good times together.

Ascendant to Mars. Strong motivation. Heightened sexual energy. Rivalry and quarrels. The negative aspects cause disruption in the house involved.

Ascendant to Jupiter. Drama, humor and confidence. Blowing things out of proportion or taking foolish risks. Jupiter boosts the ASC person’s faith in him- or herself.

Ascendant to Saturn. A mature, committed partnership. Stability and structure. If negative, Saturn can severely limit ASC’s self-expression. Also restrictions in the house occupied by Saturn in the ASC person’s chart.

Ascendant to Uranus. A dynamic, earth-shaking influence. Uranus knocks ASC off his or her feet, but craves freedom. An exciting but short-lived affair, but look to other aspects.

Ascendant to Neptune. Deception or confusion between the partners. One puts the other on a pedestal. Romance and over-idealism.

Ascendant to Pluto. Compulsive, controlling behavior. Pluto is jealous, domineering and perhaps manipulative.





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