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According to the theory of composite charts, a composite of two individuals’ charts describes the relationship between tho two; in other words, a composite is a chart of the relationship. Some astrologers swear by the efficacy of this technique, and although I haven’t had enough practice with it to be sure, I must say there seems to be something to it. You should do your own investigations, of course, but I think you will find it fascinating just like synastry.

Below is a summary of the basic meanings of the composite planets in the composite houses and in aspect.

Sun in the Composite Chart

The composite sun is the essence of the relationship, its life. It is the energy that you generate as a couple and fuels the relationship. The sun is also what motivates you together. A well-placed sun in the composite is quite favorable, say a sun in the seventh house and well-aspected. But an afflicted sun poses serious challenges.

Moon in the Composite Chart

If the sun is the active, energizing part, the moon is the passive and receptive side. It’s your emotional bond as a couple. If in good condition, the composite moon suggests you two can relate to each other well and are satisfied emotionally with each other. This is important for personal relationships like marriage and family, where feelings are paramount. Even in business and work, a strong moon shows an ability to connect with each other. An afflicted moon would make it hard to express your feelings toward each other.

Mercury in the Composite Chart

The composite Mercury governs verbal and written communication, as well as the mind. If Mercury is strong in the chart, it suggests you are able to verbalize your thoughts and feelings to each other. You can say what’s on your mind and you like to talk about a lot of the same things. You are capable of expressing yourselves clearly, not only toward each other but also to the world as a couple. If Mercury is weak, it suggests it is difficult for you to get the message across.

Venus in the Composite Chart

The composite Venus assumes a special place. It is the planet of love, and obviously you want love in a relationship. If Venus is strong, then love and pleasure come naturally between you. Whether you are lovers, family or friends, this creates sincere affection between you. It also means you express love and friendliness toward others. A weak or afflicted Venus suggests unhappiness and inability to express love.

Mars in the Composite Chart

Mars in the composite chart can be a source of great power or great conflict. Positively, Mars shows your ambition and strength as a couple. You make a good team, and each can act aggressively without being a threat to the other. But negatively, Mars causes tension, rivalry and quarrelsomeness.

Jupiter in the Composite Chart

Composite Jupiter represents growth in the relationship. Wherever it is, it is where you two most readily support each other. Things come easily to you in that area. You are more optimistic about life in general when Jupiter is strong in the chart. If negative, Jupiter can drive you to excess as a couple–for example, by over-extending yourselves and/or your resources.

Saturn in the Composite Chart

Saturn is the opposite principle to Jupiter, in that it restricts rather than expands. Saturn shows where you feel a sense of duty and responsibility the most, and how you two handle that responsibility. If positive, Saturn makes for a very strong and binding relationship, perhaps lasting a lifetime. If negative, Saturn can still create a bond, but the couple are likely to feel trapped in it.

Uranus in the Composite Chart

The three outer planets beginning with Uranus, can be tougher to handle than the seven original planets. Uranus, for instance, is all about change and unpredictability. The composite Uranus shows where you need to be the most open-minded about your relationship, where you need to be the most flexible and even willing to go against what is normally expected. Positively, composite Uranus tells you where you can break from your fetters, and be unafraid to think for yourselves and make a change. Negatively, Uranus makes a relationship unstable and erratic.

Neptune in the Composite Chart

Neptune in the composite chart can be a weak point in the relationship if not well understood. This planet shows where you are apt to deceive each other or deceive together as a couple, so it’s vital to be as truthful as possible there. It may be where your motives are unclear, or where things are hidden from you two. If positive, it can help you two grow spiritually and give of yourselves for a cause you believe in. Negatively, it can cause loss, delusion, disappointment and perhaps illness.

Pluto in the Composite Chart

Composite Pluto tells where your relationship will see periods of transformation, just as Pluto does in natal charts. This is where you need to let go of old attitudes that no longer are relevant to you as a couple. Pluto is also about power, and a negative one can mean a power struggle or a manipulative partner. If positive, this planet can make a couple ambitious and powerful together.





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