Synastry Mars Position


Mars 1st house
Mars in partner's first house is a position that indicates a strong energizing influence on the first house person. At times there can be competition in the relationship. This is a very active indicator for the relationship. This combination shows a strong sexual attraction. If Mars forms hard aspects in the natal chart, this house placement may indicate aggressive behavior in the relationship.
Mars 2nd house
Mars in partner's second house produces energetic interaction in business and financial affairs, and often conflict over money matters. The partnership may put much emphasis on financial affairs. The Mars person may be extravagant and careless with joint resources.
Mars 3rd house
This combination is helpful for matters related to mental communication, writing, and travel. The Mars person tends to stimulate the partner into activity in this regard. If badly aspected, this aspect can result in many arguments and criticism, with the Mars person being the one who usually starts the debate.
Mars 4th house
Mars in the partner's fourth house produces a tendency to instinctively like or dislike this person, depending on the cross aspect of Mars in the chart. Mars challenges the habitual attitudes and this placement frequently prompts changes if the relationship succeeds. If the aspects of Mars are difficult, these changes will be very disruptive. If the aspects of Mars are good, these changes will be very progressive and beneficial.
Mars 5th house
Mars in partner's fifth house produces strong romantic attraction of a sexual nature. The Mars person may be very sexually demanding and impulsive in pleasure-oriented activities. There is apt to be a lot of competition associated with this relationship.
Mars 6th house
Mars in partner's sixth house denotes activity related to the work place or in issues related to health. Often this placement denotes a doctor/patient or a therapist/client sort of relationship. The Mars person tends to be demanding of this partner.
Mars 7th house
Mars in partner's seventh house is a dynamic, action-oriented partnership reflecting a good deal of impulsive behavior. This Mars person can stimulate the other into greater self-expression whether in partnership or competition. This placement can produce considerable sexual attraction, but provides no guarantee of a lasting relationship by itself. It does provide an active and often interesting attachment.
Mars 8th house
Mars in partner's eighth house denotes a dynamic business, corporation or scientific relationship. You challenge each other to self-improvement and development. There is also often a sexual attraction shown by this placement.
Mars 9th house
Mars in partner's ninth house indicates interaction in issues related to philosophy, religion, and travel. The Mars person may attempt to force the other to subscribe to particular religious, philosophical, educational, moral, or cultural beliefs. In these instances, and especially if Mars is adversely aspected, these efforts produce annoyances and conflict. Under ideal circumstances, this placement can show a relationship founded upon mutual goals related to religious or spiritual projects. This placement is one in which you tend to stimulate thinking and challenge his way of looking at life. This is a relationship that is apt to involve a considerable amount of travel, often to foreign destinations.
Mars 10th house
Mars in partner's tenth house shows strong interactions between the two of you so far as the professional side of life is concerned. There is mutual professional interests and objectives. The Mars person may be attracted to this partner for the purpose of gaining professional advancement and status.
Mars 11th house
Mars in the partner's eleventh house (friends, clubs, organizations) denotes dynamic interaction with friends; this includes mutual participation in group and organizational activities. There is also mutual encouragement in the achievement of goals and objectives relating to political reforms, humanitarian causes, scientific research, or technological invention. This is an excellent placement for individuals working together on such enterprises.
Mars 12th house
Mars in partner's twelfth house suggests a good deal of action and interchange, between the two of you, at a subconscious level. You may be involved in behind-the-scenes or possibly secret activities. In some cases, if Mars is badly aspected, each may practice some form of psychological cruelty on the other. On the more positive side, you can work together in compatible ways dealing with charitable service, religion, hospitals and such. However, most of the time the Mars person may think the partner is lost in a dream world.






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